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Department Membership benefits include all of those associated with FDTN’s Individual Membership, plus: the FIRE TRAINING Interactive Department Trainer, a monthly training plan devoted to a single fireground topic.


FireNotes Training Manuals


FN SurvivalFirefighter Survival

Authors: Jim McCormack, Lieutenant ~ Indianapolis Fire Department & Bob Pressler, Lieutenant (retired) ~ FDNY 

Chapters: Fireground Survival Training–What's the Big Deal?; Preparing for Fireground Survival; Managing YOUR MAYDAY; SCBA Emergencies; Disorientation Emergencies; Emergency Escape Techniques; Firefighter Survival Training Sessions

104 Pages | ISBN: 0-9719788-0-8

Members ~ 19.95

Non-Members ~ 24.95





FN Size-upFireground Size-Up

Author: Bob Pressler, Lieutenant (retired) ~ FDNY 

Chapters: Size-Up: Who, What, When, Where, Why?; Two Basic Approaches to Fireground Size-Up; The Five-Point Size-Up; The Thirteen-Point Size-Up; The Fireground Size-Up: Putting it all Together; Fireground Size-Up Training Sessions

80 Pages | ISBN: 9780971978812

Members ~ 19.95

Non-Members ~ 24.95





FN RITFirefighter Rescue & Rapid Intervention Teams

Author: Jim McCormack, Lieutenant ~ Indianapolis Fire Department 

Chapters: SECTION I: Firefighter Rescue: The Ultimate Fireground Challenge; Searching for a Firefighter; Assessing, Stabilizing & Packaging a Firefighter; Firefighter Rescue & Removal Techniques; SECTION II: Why Do We Need Rapid Intervention Teams; The Rapid Intervenion Team; RIT Tools & Staging; Preparing the Fireground; Responding to a Fireground Mayday; Commanding Rapid Intervention Team Operations; SECTION III: Firefighter Rescue &  RIT Training Sessions

192 Pages | ISBN: 9780971978829

Members ~ 29.95

Non-Members ~ 34.95




FN StretchingStretching & Operating the First Line

Author: Tim Klett, Lieutenant ~ FDNY

Chapters: The Purpose of the First Line; Determing Line Size & Position; Estimating the Stretch; Stretching the First Line; Engine Company Members and Their Responsibilities; Engine Company Members Gear and Tools; Operating the First Line During Emergencies; Training for the Engine Company

88 Pages | ISBN: 9780971978836

Members ~ 19.95

Non-Members ~ 24.95





FN ThermalThermal Imaging in the Fire Service

Author: Jonathan Bastian, Former Training Specialist ~ Bullard Manufacturing

Chapters: The History of Thermal Imaging in the Fire Service; Thermal Imaging Technologies; How Thermal Imaging Works; Safety Considerations and Thermal Imaging; Thermal Imaging and Size-Up; Thermal Imaging and Fire Attack; Thermal Imaging and Overhaul; Thermal Imaging and Ventilation; Thermal Imaging and Search & Rescue; Thermal Imaging and Hazardous Materials; Non-Fire Uses of Thermal Imaging

112 Pages | ISBN: 9780971978843

Members ~ 19.95

Non-Members ~ 24.95




FN SearchFireground Search

Author: Michael Bricault, Firefighter ~ Albuquerque, NM, Fire Department

Chapters: Fireground Priorities & Risk Versus Reward; Search Size-Up: Determining Life Hazards; Search Tools; The Search Team; Search Techniques; Conducting the Primary & Secondary Search; Vent-Enter-Search; Victim Rescue & Removal; Fireground Search Training Sessions

104 Pages | ISBN: 9780981966410

Members ~ 19.95

Non-Members ~ 24.95





Company Training Drills 

Adapted from the Network's highly successful monthly training packages – each individual volume of training drills contains six complete training sessions. Each session includes:

  • Session Overview and Goals
  • Resource and Reference Listing
  • Detailed Lesson Plan
  • Hands-On Activities Guide (3 drills per session)
  • Student Handout
  • Student Test


TD EngineEngine Company Training Drills – Volume I

Author: Fire Department Training Network

Lessons: Stretching & Advancing the First Line; Performing Difficult Stretches; Fireground Water Supply; The 2.5-Inch Handline; Fireground Master Streams; Car Fires

6 Complete Lessons | 18 Hands-On Drills | ISBN: 9780971978850

Members ~ 89.00

Non-Members ~ 99.00



TD TruckTruck Company Training Drills – Volume I

Author: Fire Department Training Network

Lessons: Forcible Entry; Ground Ladders; Fireground Search: Residential; Vent-Enter-Search; Peaked Roof Ventilation; Flat Roof Ventilation

6 Complete Lessons | 18 Hands-On Drills | ISBN: 9780971978867

Members ~ 89.00

Non-Members ~ 99.00



TD SurvivalFirefighter Survival Training Drills – Volume I

Author: Fire Department Training Network

Lessons: Firefighter Mayday; SCBA Emergencies I; SCBA Emergencies II; Firefighter Disorientation; Escaping Deteriorating Conditions; Emergency Window Exits

6 Complete Lessons | 18 Hands-On Drills | ISBN: 9780971978874

Members ~ 89.00

Non-Members ~ 99.00



TD RITFirefighter Rescue & RIT Training Drills – Volume I

Author: Fire Department Training Network

Lessons: Searching for a Firefighter; Emergency Air Supply; Moving a Downed Firefighter; RIT Tools; RIT Ops: Preparing the Fireground; RIT Ops: Responding to a Mayday

6 Complete Lessons | 18 Hands-On Drills | ISBN: 9780971978881

Members ~ 89.00

Non-Members ~ 99.00



TD StrategyFireground Strategy & Tactics Training Drills – Volume I

Author: Fire Department Training Network

Lessons: Single-Story Ranch; 2-Story Residence; Basement Fires; Modern Strip Malls; The Taxpayer; Fireground Command

6 Complete Lessons | 18 Hands-On Drills | ISBN: 9780981966427

Members ~ 89.00

Non-Members ~ 99.00



Training DVDs 

FDTN's no-nonsense training videos compliment its FireNotes series of training books. These videos will allow you to SEE the skills before and after you train. There's no substitute for performing the skills but videos provide an excellent way to accelerate learning and refresh the material. These short, to-the-point, videos will be an excellent addition to any training program or your own personal library. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!


DV SurvivalFirefighter Survival DVD

Author: Fire Department Training Network

This video was designed with training in mind. Watch the entire video, or a chapter at a time, and then hit the training ground and perform the skills…the best training video available in the fire service!

DVD CHAPTERS INCLUDE: Developing a Survival Attitude; SCBA Knowledge; Mayday Management; SCBA Low Profile Emergencies; SCBA Entanglement Emergencies; Disorientation Emergencies; Wall Breaching; Ladder Slide

51 minutes | ISBN: 9780971978898

Members ~ 69.95

Non-Members ~ 74.95





DV RITFirefighter Rescue & Rapid Intervention Teams DVD

Author: Fire Department Training Network

The most comprehensive DVD available on Firefighter Rescue & RIT. Exceeds NFPA 1470 Standards.

DVD CHAPTERS INCLUDE: RIT Postions & Assignments; Searching for a Firefighter; Securing the RIT Tag Line; Converting the SCBA Waist Strap; Emergency Air Supply; Firefighter Drags; Rescue Up/Down Stairs; Ladder Rescues; Rescue from Entanglement; Rescue from Breach/Collapse; Rescue Through Floors; Air Management & RIT; Commanding RIT Operations; RIT Benchmarks

135 minutes | ISBN: 9780981966403

Members ~89.95

Non-Members ~ 129.95



FDTN Training Packages & Sets 

Complete FireNotes Set  |  Firefighter Survival Packages  |  Firefighter Rescue & RIT Packages


Complete FireNotes Training Manual Set








Includes All 6 FireNotes:

Members ~ 109.00   |   Non-Members ~ 139.00



Firefighter Survival Training Packages

svdvfnsvPackage 1: Firefighter Survival DVD & FireNote:

Includes: Firefighter Survival FireNote and DVD

Members ~ 75.00   |   Non-Members ~ 89.00





svtdsvdvfnsvPackage 2: Firefighter Survival Training Drills & DVD & FireNote

Includes: Firefighter Survival Training Drills, DVD, FireNote

Members ~ 149.00   |   Non-Members ~ 179.00






Firefighter Rescue & RIT Training Packages


DV Ritfnrit

 Package 1: Firefighter Rescue and RIT DVD & FireNote:

Includes: Firefighter Rescue & RIT FireNote and DVD

Members ~ 99.00 | Non-Members ~ 145.00





ritdrillDV Ritfnrit

Package 2: Firefighter Rescue and RIT Training Drills & DVD & FireNote

Includes: Firefighter Rescue & RIT Training Drills, DVD, and FireNote

Members ~ 175.00 | Non-Members ~ 235.00







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